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Checking Voice Messages

Managing and Accessing Voicemail

Checking Messages

New voicemail messages can be accessed directly in one of three ways:

From the Phone – Just press the Messages button on the phone. You will then be prompted to enter your password. From here, just press ‘1’ to listen to your new messages. Please see the Voicemail Commands for a complete list of voicemail actions.

Remotely – To access voicemail from an outside line, just dial your Auto Attendant number, then your Voicemail Extension. You will then be prompted to enter your extension/mailbox number and password.

Online – Messages can be played and deleted online from the Mailbox section of the Applications page. Just select the mailbox to check from the Mailbox drop down and the folder to check (if messages have been previously saved in different folders – see Saving Messages for more assistance). This will bring up a list of all the voicemail messages currently in that folder. Just click on the Speaker icon to play the message using the default media player on your computer.

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