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Mailbox Configuration

Managing and Accessing Voicemail

Online Mailbox Configuration

General Mailbox Information

Here you can set up your Mailbox Label. This is the mailbox name that will show up on your call treatments.

Here you can also change your mailbox number. Your mailbox number is the same as your extension number, by default.

The mailbox time zone determines the time zone your voicemail messages will have.

 Setting Voicemail Delivery and Notification

To receive email notification of new voicemail messages, just enter your email address in the Email Notification box. This will send an email to that address anytime a new message is left in the selected mailbox.

You can also select whether or not to receive a copy of the email as an audio email attachment. This is turned off by default.

You can choose to have your messages automatically deleted from your Inbox after your email notification is sent. This option is turned off by default.

To receive new voicemail notifications to your cell phone or pager, just enter your pager or SMS address under ‘SMS/Pager notification’.

Changing your PIN
Just enter your new PIN in the text box and click Save.

Advanced Voicemail Options

This gives the option to play message details before playing the message. Message details include the date and time the message
was left. This also gives the option to play the caller ID of the party leaving the message, when available.

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