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Simultaneous Ringing

Simultaneous Ringing

When configuring a Call Director call treatment, the user can set whether to ring the specified phone numbers in sequence or simultaneously. By default, the phones ring in sequence. If the first phone is unanswered, the call routes to the second number and rings it, and then the third number. If the user checks the Ring simultaneously option in the Call Director call treatment panel, the call rings all phones at the same time. If no phones are answered and the user has voicemail enabled, the call routes to voicemail.

Using Simultaneous Ringing

By default, sequential ringing is activated for Call Director call treatments. To deactivate it and activate simultaneous ringing, the user must:

1. Check the Ring Simultaneously checkbox in the call treatment panel).
2. Click Save.

When a caller dials the phone number of a user who has simultaneous ringing selected in their active Call Director treatment, the phone numbers defined in the call treatment ring at the same time. The caller is connected to the first phone answered. When the call is answered, the other phones stop ringing. The simultaneous ringing feature behaves as follows:

  • If the Ring Simultaneously box is checked, incoming calls that match the selected call treatment are simultaneously forwarded to all numbers configured in the call treatment. When the user answers the call at one of the numbers, the other numbers stop ringing.

                    –If the user does not answer the call at any of the numbers, the call is forwarded to the final destination, such as                           voicemail if activated.                   
                    –If the final destination is not voicemail, the phone rings for 300 seconds regardless of the user’s ring time setting.

  • If the Ring Simultaneously box is checked and the subscriber has outgoing call barring enabled, the phone numbers in the forwarding sequence that fall into the blocked calls category do not ring.


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